Celebrating the positive bond between
horse & human.

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Celebrating the positive bond between horse and human

There’s something so magical about the gentle wisdom in a horse’s eyes. As horse owners, our connection with these beautiful equine animals means they are not just a horse. They become our healers, our teachers, our pride and allow us to find our happiness.

Eden River Equestrian aims to be the only place you need for all your, and your horses’ needs. We share personal stories of inspiring equestrians on our podcast, connect you with great horse trainers and instructors and help you discover ethical natural horse products that have a positive impact on your animals and the planet

Facebook Group.

Do you feel like you are alone when speaking about horse training with traditional trainers? Find it hard to speak up about giving your horse a voice? As a horse owner and an empath, I understand how you feel.

That’s why I created Eden River Equestrian’s Facebook Group. A safe place to build community with like-minded people. All supporting each other to be conscious horse people.

From the Podcast

Paul Szauter EquiSeq PSSM1 and PSSM2

Podcast Episode 86 Paul Szauter from EquiSeq on PSSM1 and PSSM2 In this episode I speak with Paul Szauter and Paul is not a horse person! Paul is a scientist. He is actually the Chief Scientific Officer of EquiSec who are one of the few places in the world you can...

Martin Contreras Horsemanship

Podcast Episode 85 Martin Contreras Horsemanship In this episode I speak with Martin Contreras, Martin trains in liberty and works with horse owners to build a strong foundation for working with horses and really honing your intuitive skills to build the foundations...

Franklin Levinson A Course in Horse

Podcast Episode 84 Franklin Levinson A Course in Horse In this episode I spoke with Franklin Levinson. It’s a real privilege to speak with someone who has given so much to the gentle training of horses for so many years. Franklin as a boy found himself always seeking...

For horse lovers of every kind.

Does the sound of thundering hooves ignite something in you?

Have you marvelled at the power and ability of horses and their riders?

Is the smell of a horse’s coat like heaven to you?

Me too. Hi, I’m Tracy and I’m the face behind Eden River. 

Join me as we discover the world of horses together. Let’s explore our lifelong curiosity with these creatures and the humans who bring the best out in them.

A social enterprise with a big mission.

50% of all profits from Eden River Equestrian will go toward bringing our community together, all over the world. We will create properties where people from all around the world can come and work with and learn, from conscious horse people. They can learn from the best in one place on all facets of owning a horse.


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