Podcast Episode 80 A Candid Conversation

Hi everyone. I’m coming into your ears for a different reason today. I usually always keep the narrative positive and dislike and negativity being used around my brand at any time. So I’m way out of my comfort zone here but it’s time to be brave and vulnerable and honest.

You see I started this podcast and my business Eden River Equestrian a few years ago now. It had been a dream of mine for a very long time and it took the catalyst of my mother passing away and me doing the eulogy at her funeral for me to truly realise that life is way too short to not live your dreams. So I dived in and began this podcasting journey and it’s been amazing to be able to make such a positive change in the lives of so many horses from all over the world.

My passion to build my business was to literally make the world a better pace by selling natural and sustainable products, sourcing products from trusted suppliers and making some myself with the planet that both us and our horses eat from and gain out nutritional needs from, was always in the forefront of my mind.

However just like in life, things need to be sustainable in more ways than just the products that I have for sale and for the information given over this podcast. It needs to be sustainable for me, the person who spends my life putting countless hours into these passions. While life had taken a toll on my health last year, and then the breakdown of a relationship meant I had to stop for a few months. This year Eden River Equestrian and this podcast Come Along for the Ride need to be able to sustain me and my son and my horses and animals. Otherwise it needs to all be shut down. Because the truth is, it is not sustainable for me. I make absolutely no profit from these two ventures and I have been putting time and energy into them for over 2 years now. I am not only not profiting, but I am running at massive losses and as you know, this is not sustainable.

If you could see the messages I get and the information that I give to people via email and messenger you would easily think I was making a hefty profit, people’s lives have been changed, horses have been saved as their humans finally wake up to another way. The trainers I interview and the sponsors on my podcast all do well financially from this venture and for this I am eternally grateful and very proud of the positive impact I have made. But to go on like this with no profit to myself is just another form of self-harm, and I’m done with this very dark part of my life and story. To continually give to others without receiving in return is no longer what I am willing to endure in any area of my life.

So I am here to ask you, what needs to change? What does this podcast have to do, what changes does it have to make for you to give $5 a month? Or even $2 a month. I know by the messages I receive and the amount of continual downloads that the information is valuable. So I am truly asking you what will make the difference for you to go to patreon and give $5 a month. If everyone who listened to this podcast gave $5 a month, I would be having a totally different conversation with you right now. For those who now support me and have done through this whole journey, my truly heartfelt thanks. You are the reason I have been able to come this far and have been able to make a difference. You are my people and I thank you every day.

I’d also love to know what Eden River Equestrian can do for you to make the choice to purchase from the website. The amount of people, even friends who ask for advice about feeding and herbs and then make the choice to buy their herbs form somewhere else is quite honestly breathtaking. I’d love to know what you want me to provide for you that you would be willing to purchase? Tell me what your values are, what do you regularly buy that you want me to stock. How can I make this business turn a profit to then be able to make an even bigger change to the lives of horses?

You see my dream was so much bigger than a podcast and a website. I truly know how to go about making a global positive change for horses. But to do anything like this takes investment, not just of time but resources.

It’s a very vulnerable decision to put this out there and ask these questions and ask for your help and honesty. But it came to the point of do this or disappear.

If it is time to shut it down then I will do so quietly and I will do something else. I am a creative person who is able to turn my hand at anything and a new idea will come and I will make it happen as I always do.

I will pick myself up and go on, I just can’t go on like this.

So please send me and email to info@edenriverequestrian.com or shoot me a dm through my socials and let me know what needs to change and if the changes are possible I promise to make them.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to this all the way through. I appreciate it and truly hope to be able to serve you better in the future.