About Eden River Equestrian.

Eden River as it is the original name of the river that runs just 600 metres from my home in sunny Queensland, Australia. The home I share with my family and my two beautiful horses. Equestrian as it clearly represents our great love of horses.

It’s a true representation of the land I live on and the community I am a part of. When it came time to choose the name for this business, there was nothing else that came close.

Eden River Equestrian was created to help horse owners around the world find information, source ethical products and be part of a supportive community focused on conscious horsemanship.

On my land, I grow organic food and live a conscious lifestyle. I love giving back to mother earth and horses and I know there are other horse people who share these values too.

About Tracy Malone.

I was born on Wiradjuri country and live on Waka Waka and Turrbal country. I’d like acknowledge the traditional custodians of these lands and to pay my respects to their ancestors, past, present and future. And I’d also like to extend that respect to you and your family.

Growing up in a country town in New South Wales I was always around horses. But I was never allowed to ride them.

My dad had an accident and was bucked off a horse, so I had to sneak off and ride the neighbour’s horses. Once my dad found out, as parents often do, I was confined to ride in an arena and take all of the safety precautions.

While I would have loved to ride free in open spaces, those days in the arena were the start of my lifelong fascination with horses.

I spent years being a facilitator of Equine Assisted Therapy in and around the Gold Coast. And was the creator of the Equine Experience at the Gold Coast’s Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. The work was something that I loved, and it always amazes me how giving horses are and how they can have such a profound impact on the life of humans.

I’ll never forget seeing a horse waiting at the gate, calling for its owner in the morning, asking to be the one to do work that day. That horse waiting at the gate eager to learn and carry me on their back is the kind of relationship I want for all humans and their horses.

So began my lifelong learning of constantly searching for gentle and kind ways to be with and train these amazing animals.

Over the years I’ve met amazing horse people who share my values. That’s what Eden River Equestrian is all about. Bringing the best horse people together to make a profound impact on this world.

I always research trainers, products and information to ensure they meet the Eden River Equestrian values of living consciously. That means organic where possible, sustainable to the earth and fair conditions and pay to those making the products. This is my gift to you. To provide you with what I have found, so you can more easily make choices for you and your horse.

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