Podcast Episode 46 Alexa Linton Author Healer Teacher

In this episode I speak with Alexa Linton. Alexa is what this podcast is all about, she is herself bringing consciousness to the horse world through all of her skills which include animal communication, equine sports therapy, kinesiology, BodyTalker, Author and teacher. But most of all, she is a student of the animals she loves.

Hear how her life with animals and working with horses has come about, hear the depth of how far she goes with animals and humans and also hear about the courses she has put together that are incredibly comprehensive and something you may want to look further into.

We are so lucky here on this podcast to have such a high calibre of interviews each week. It excites me to no end to think of all of you working with any one of these people to take your life with your horse more conscious and deep.

For now, sit back, enjoy the ride and everything that the incredible Alexa Linton has to offer.

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