Podcast Episode 102 Anja Beran Classical Dressage

In this episode I speak with Anja Beran.

Anja is a classical dressage trainer who grew up believing classical dressage was the only way to ride so when she saw modern dressage, she was shocked to see how they rode.

If you have ever wondered the difference between classical and modern dressage, then this is going to be a great learning moment for you as it was for me.

Anja tells me that horses were originally trained for fighting and to fight your horse needed self-carriage. Riders needed one hand to hold a sword and fight, so their horse needs self-carriage with the rider using one hand for the reigns.

Anja videoed the best modern dressage horses in the world and slowed the video down to show us all, that the movements they were making and how they are executed are not true to form.

We talked about how in modern dressage comps the horse who is best ridden does not win. It’s the horse who is the best natural mover, who may not be ridden as well as the others, that wins. Everything is in reverse.

I asked how in the world we can begin classical dressage competitions to overtake the modern dressage competitions. We talked about how much change that would realistically take.

Anja also talked about that she believes that there is no such thing as an unwilling horse and how we as humans can do so much more for our horses just in the way that we train and think when we train.

Anja has online courses now and if you have ever wanted to try classical dressage go to her website and have a look as there are a few to choose from. There are comprehensive ones and also ones that are broken down to just the canter. And if you think you have the wrong kind of horse for dressage then listen in as we discuss that as well.

This was an inspiring talk and I do hope that I hope is one that can plant the seed and bring about real change in the dressage world for all horses.

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