Podcast Episode 53 Anna Collis Harmony for Horses

In this episode I speak with Anna Collis from harmony for Horses. Anna can be called a body worker, but she also supports the release of trauma and locked emotions from you and your horse through a type of therapy called “The Emotion Code”.

By now you will all know why body work is so important, Anna and I speak in this episode about the types of very real traumas that most horses in the world have. Some of them may very well surprise you? And some of them may not!

It’s a great conversation to help you think a lot more from the horse’s perspective on many things to do with emotions and trauma as well as body work. We talk about how trauma gets trapped in the horse’s body, and how Anna is able to release it, with the horse’s permission of course. I hope you find this one interesting, I know I did.

To connect with Anna please follow the links below