Podcast Episode 93 Anu Joshi and Racism in the Horse World

In this episode I speak with Anu Joshi of Chetak Horses and who has just begun working with Detroit Horse power both of which we speak about in the podcast.

Anu is a person of colour within the horse wold and I’ve been looking to open this conversation as the horse world can be a judgemental place for people with white skin let alone someone with brown skin and I wanted to hear how that has been for Anu and what we can learn from her experience and how we can make positive change on the racism in the horse world.

As expected Anu is a really interesting human and we speak not only of racism in the horse world but about Anu and her accomplished career and her work and the positive change she is making.
I hope you enjoy this open and heartfelt conversation with a beautiful horse woman.

To connect with Anu please follow the link below