Podcast Episode 68 Ashlyn Dyer and Cady her Blind Horse

Hi everyone, it’s wonderful to be back in your ears again. A huge Happy New year to you all, may this new decade bring joy and love and abundance to us all.

First I’d like to say thank you to our Patreon subscribers. As it’s a new year I want to shout out to all of you. So a big thank you to Amanda Phillips, Amy Lopez, Belinda Daws, Elisa Mansfield, Kathryn O’Bree, Liz Ehrich, Peter Papp, Rachel Beddingfield and Signe of Horses. You all mean the world to me and I am so grateful that you are on this ride with me literally.

Please remember our small business patrons. Belinda Daws is an incredible Connection Training Coach who is calm, confident and incredibly skilled, Belinda can help you with training your horse just like she has helped me with mine. I can highly recommend her beautiful coaching work.

A huge shout out to our other small business patron Peter Papp from Peter and the Herd. Peter has just had to evacuate his beautiful herd due to bushfires where he is living. His community came together to help out and it was so beautiful to watch as they all worked to get his horses to safety well before the fires got close.

Peter does with equine behaviour and trauma recovery. Equine communication. Human and horse relationship building. I had a reading myself with Peter and I found him to be completely spot on with his insights. It’s a great way to support him through these bushfires and trying times is to support his business. You can find the links to both Belinda and Peter in the show notes.

You may remember from the last episode my life is in a bit of turmoil at the moment. At the end of last year I separated from my partner and Oliver and I are staying with my sister down in the Riverina in NSW for now until we can get some finances together to get back to Qld and start a new life. I’ve learned an enormous amount in the last few months about other people not behaving in the way you do. I thought we could separate and have an adult conversation and divide assets and work to both thrive and move on through a difficult time. I was very very wrong.

Even though I am going through a steep learning curve, Oliver and I are very safe, safe from harm and safe from the fires raging in Australia at the moment. We drove about 1500km from Qld down to the Riverina along the coast and I saw the devastation from the fires first hand. The fires had crossed highways and burned so much land, it was black for about 30km with small patches of green where they had worked so hard and saved houses in the middle of these catastrophic fires.

We were nowhere near the fires as we travelled but the smoke was everywhere. There were no days travelling when I did not wake to be reminded of the destruction happening to people, animals and especially the native animals that were unable to flee.

In Australia now people have just got into action to help horse owners get the supplies they so desperately need. If you are in Australia please check with your local Vet, produce store or Horseland, these are a few who are taking donations for horse people and shipping them to those in need.

I have also set up a gofundme page for Horse Owners Affected by Australian Bushfires. I will put the link in the show notes. https://www.gofundme.com/f/horse-owners-affected-by-australian-bushfires?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
Know that every dollar you give will go directly to horse owners in need. As we reach our goal of $5,000 I will get the funds to where it is needed and it will be completely transparent. Then we can set about raising our next $5,000 and so on until we have done all that we can for horse owners who have been through this devastation. I would be donating profits of my own business to the cause but I’ve had to shut the business down as I’m so far away and unable to run it at this time. So if you have been to the site and wondering why everything says out of stock, it’s simply that I am not able to function it at this time. But know that I will be back, and this is going to be an amazing year for us all. A new year, a new decade, although things are difficult for so many, I still feel that we will come together and make it amazing.

In all that has happened so far this year to me and those in the bush fires here in Australia. I wanted to start this years podcast with a truly inspirational story.

Now I know that, like me, your blood may very well boil at how this horse went blind. However, what I have learned in the past few months of what I have been through personally is that you can’t live your life looking backwards into the past and expecting change, anger at the past gets you absolutely nowhere. It keeps you locked into the past and unable to see into and manifest the future that your heart truly desires. So take a few deep breaths through that part then allow your heart and mind to be opened by the amazing story of Ashlyn Dyer and her beautiful horse Wintara Cadence or as she calls her Cady. Cady is a blind horse who Ashlyn now takes out to dressage shows. It is such a beautiful and inspirational story and I hope you get as much out of this story as I did.

Link to Ashlyn’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Wintara-Cadence-Cady-1537936826339698/

Belinda Daws’ website is journeyequine.com and you can find her on all the usual social Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

You can find Peter Papp from Peter and the Herd through his Facebook page Peter and the herd or his Instagram by the same name.