Podcast Episode 96 Belinda Bolsenbroek Classical Dressage Coach

In this episode I speak with Belinda Bolsenbroek. Belinda has been on my radar for a few years as she coaches locally and I have seen the calibre of people who have worked with her and swear by her training and have always wanted to know more.
And let me tell you Belinda exceeded all of my high expectations of a wonderful interview. Belinda reminded me of so many things that I value about working with horses and these things can so easily be lost and forgotten in searching for the correct method or techniques.

Belinda believes that if you are focusing on technique or methods without having looked into the horse’s eyes and connected with their soul, then your technique will not ever matter nor will it work to build true connection with your horse.
This was such an enlightening conversation and such a pleasure. This is one that I personally will be going back over a few times to remind myself of the essence of working with horses

You can connect with Belinda with the following links

Website https://www.belindabolsenbroek.academy/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/belindabolsenbroek.academy
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/belindabolsenbroekacademy