Podcast Episode 75 Best of Series – Mel Fleming Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity

In this episode you will hear from Mel Fleming from Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity. Mel has been lucky enough to spend her life around horses.

Her family were well known horse people and she was able, through hard work and support from her family, to go through the ranks of the horse world and work at a high level of dressage, to the highest level of natural horsemanship where she worked internationally with Pat and Linda Parelli among many other internationally renowned trainers.

Mel is one of those people who keeps asking questions, she never settles for less. It seems she needs to go deep and make sure the horse is alright on every level as her deep need to connect fully with the horse and make a true partnership comes before the end performance result she is seeking. On her website she says. “I think that true horsemanship is horsemanship from the horse’s perspective. What would horse’s call horsemanship and who would horses call a horseman?” “TRUE HORSEMANSHIP means putting yourself in the horse’s skin, seeing things through their eyes, thinking how they are thinking and feeling how they are feeling. Going beyond merely perceiving them as prey animals and knowing the individual beings (the spirits) that they are. In equal proportion to understanding the spirit of who horses are, true horsemanship also means understanding their physical bodies, so they can be ridden with true balance and healthy biomechanics. This is the only way that the ridden horse can stay sound, be healthy, be calm and yet responsive, enjoy their work and maximise their performance.

This is what “Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity” strives to achieve.”

You can find out when Mel is coming to a town near you on her website and you can follow her on Facebook.