Podcast Episode 73 Best of Series – Rachaël Draaisma Calming Signals and Language Signs of Horses

In this episode I speak with Rachaël Draaisma. Rachaël is the incredible woman who brought us the book on Language Signs and Calming Signals for Horses. Today she tells her story of her teachers and mentors and how she came to write the book. We find out how she went about researching for her book and how long it took her to find what she was hoping for.

Rachaël also has some new and very interesting research and training that she is undertaking with horses and scent tracking. It’s incredible to hear what she has been able to do so far.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy every minute of hearing from the woman who has inspired so many of the trainers I have interviewed so far on this podcast.

To connect with Rachaël you can do so in the links below.Website www.calmingsignalsofhorses.comFacebook https://www.facebook.com/Calming-Signals-of-Horses-1253419824725141/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyu9-AB_1909eOfXbiCF6Mg