Podcast Episode 88 Bex Tasker from Positively Together

In this episode I speak with Bex Tasker from Positively Together, Bex works with positive reinforcement to help horse owners build confidence and works toward the goal of her student to no longer need her at some stage and be able to take the reins themselves.

Bex has an interesting life story of working as a customs drug detector at the airport and then in senior intelligence roles for New Zealand law enforcement agencies.

Bex is a wonderful trainer who even though working in positive reinforcement, or clicker training, supports and learns from many styles of training. I love her open mind and heart and her ability to put the horse first by understanding that even though she knows an awful lot, she is still a student of the horse as we all are.

To connect with Bex simply follow the links below

Website https://www.clickertraining.co.nz/

Facebook – facebook.com/positive.reinforcement.training

Instagram – @positively_together

Online communities and classrooms: www.positivelytogether.app