Podcast Episode 97 Dagmar Klingenboek Animal Communication

In this episode I speak with Dagmar from Animal Communication. Dagmar does animal communication as well as energy healing and body work. This is an area that has always fascinated me. While I can sense things from horses and I’m sure we can all understand what our horses are saying to us a lot of the time, this really is the next level of communication. Have a listen as to how much support you can give your horses and other animals if you learn this skill that Dagmar says anyone can learn. It’s always been interesting to me to ask questions around somethings that are really energy work an unexplainable and see what the interpretations are. I really enjoyed this chat with a talented communicator and horse woman.

To connect with Dagmar you can follow the links below.

Email: info@animalcommunication.com.au

Website: www.animalcommunication.com.au

Facebook: Animal Communication