Podcast Episode 101 with Elsa Sinclair, Taming wild and Freedom Based Training

In this episode of the podcast I speak with Elsa Sinclair who made the film Taming Wild and who does what she calls Freedom Based Training.

Elsa and I talk about the two documentaries she has made so far and also the one she is filming now that is taking way longer than expected, and for good reason.

The amazing thing about Elsa is that she is always listening, not only to the horses and her intuition but to people when they ask really interesting questions. She takes on challenges consistently and her results are beautiful to witness. Sometimes she has a time frame to work within and sometimes she just has to keep filming until she finds a natural ending to the story.

I love how Elsa thinks, how she trains and how she shows up for her horses and community.

There is something in this chat for everyone so I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Website https://www.tamingwild.com/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyDZrEH5pgkz5YN0yiuwt_w

Vimeo to watch Taming WIld https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tamingwild

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