Episode 5 is with Emma Bryant from Equality Equine Services. I was lucky enough to attend a clinic at Emma’s place and I was blown away with her patience and gentle way of teaching. Some people talk about wanting an equal relationship with their horse, Emma lives this every day. She takes the time that it takes, and will do whatever it takes for the horse she is working with to feel safe, and ready, before taking any more steps.

Palomino, Horse Podcast, Emma Bryant

Dusty, a beloved Palomino, just like her Mum who bred Palominos

Emma learned so much of her craft by working a long life with horses, especially traumatised ones, they taught her new ways to reach them, and all because Emma showed patience and put herself in their shoes time after time. Even the time Emma had to leave training horses and took what seemed like a sideways step, she still learned so much about herd and prey animals and it helped her with horses in the end as well.

She then returned to her first love, training horses and has many stories to tell of the positive changes she has been able to make in both horse and rider’s life.

Gentle Horse Training

Emma’s first horse under saddle Desert Myee.

This next guy is called 50 first dates as each time Emma went near him he completely forgot all the kindness and great lessons he had learned the day before!

Gentle Horse Training, Horse Podcast

Danny, The 50 first dates horse. The horse that Emma had to work slowly and steadily with and taught her patience beyond words.

Emma teaches bravery in her clinics for both horse and rider. This does not mean she teaches us how to face our fears and jump big jumps or take on something huge. She empowers both horse and rider by teaching safety and clear communication.

One of the horses and riders that she saw a huge transformation with is Kira and her horse Tank.

Kirra and Tank the horse who with hard work. love and patience, has transformed into a teenage girls riding horse. Kirra has begun her horsemanship the gentle way.

You can find out more about Emma and her work at her website and you can also follow her on Facebook or Instagram or her YouTube Channel.

This episode for me was full of ah ha! moments, where things finally became clear for me. I feel privileged that I was able to speak with Emma. And this very weekend, I will be back at her place, attending her Brumby gentling clinic!!!

I hope you enjoy this talk with Emma as much as I did.