Podcast Episode 66 Rachel Beddingfield and Hannah Weston. Connection Training Book Release

In this special episode I speak with Hannah and Rachel about their new book, Connection Training The Heart and Science of Positive Reinforcement Training.

This book is not simply another horse book. This is, I believe, a text book that is essential reading for all horse owners, even the ones who do not believe in positive reinforcement. A lot of you may believe in affirmative training, but not the use of treats, that’s ok, there is still so much for you to learn from this book. And if you still use negative reinforcement, then you really need to listen to this podcast and then get to amazon and purchase the book.

If you’ve ever tried treat training with your horse and found them to become anxious or overbearing, then there’s a whole chapter in the book about that too. We also discuss this in the podcast.

This book has the science behind how horses learn. It speaks about calming signals. Rachel spent time presenting with Rachel Draisma on Calming Signals, she has spent many years researching the best possible way to train horses, and her daughter Hanna has spent the time taking the research to the horses and putting it into practice and making it fun for both horses and humans.

The book is full of pictures and practical things you can take to you horses right now. It’s not the kind of book you read and put down and wonder what to do next. It has step by step guides and plenty of video resources and also a club you can join at the end if you feel you need more support.

Let’s get into this interview, it’s not surprisingly, a long one. I read this book and had a lot of questions, but I also wanted to give you a good feel for what you are getting in this book and why it’s a must read.

To order your copy of the book simply go to www.amazon.com

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