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Helping Horse Owner’s Heal.

As you may know by now I am a Holistic Counsellor and Family Constellations Facilitator. And one of my passions is to help Horse Women strengthen their bond and go deeper with their horse.

 As you may also know I used to work in Equine Assisted Therapy where I created the Equine Experience at a premier health retreat on the Gold Coast. I worked in the field for a decade and then felt it was time to evolve.While I made the choice to not work in the traditional Equine Therapy model anymore.

What I do love to do is work with Horse Owners and their very own Horse. This work is for any Horse Owner who feels there is something they need to work through with their horse. If there is an issue that you cannot move through on your own then this work can help. The issue can be ridden or on the ground, it can be anything at all. If there are any kind of injuries I can help find the emotional reason behind them. I have found over time that every physical symptom has an emotional reason.

When emotions get stuck and don’t move through the body they can be the reason for injury and when supported and released or processed, they can support the physical side of healing.

The intention for this sessions is to strengthen and deepen the bond that you have with your horse and allow you to both evolve and grow together. It may shock you how fast your horse will shift once you choose to do this work.

This is not the type of therapy where you will need a lot of sessions. Horses are extraordinary at this work and once you make the shift, you will be done. 

For these sessions I will travel to you and your horse. Your horse is very much a part of the session and will be able to give amazing insights and support to you during the session. I am always blown away at our horse’s willingness to support us in our shifts and growth.

I am not a trainer or body worker, I cannot support you in these areas. I work solely in the emotional and behavioural realm. My gift is to give depth to you and your horse and the bond between you.

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I can’t recommend Tracy highly enough. I was at a cross roads with my horse Buddy. I was so up in my head and felt so out of sorts with what my next step with him should be. I had so many conflicting opinions racing around.

Tracy spent an hour with us and she guided me to articulate what we both needed (my horse and I). Her gentle, calm and supportive nature guided us to be able to move forward with decisions I couldn’t make on my own. Working with Tracy deepened my connection with Buddy and we had a clear direction to move forward.

~ Sammy Fletcher

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