Podcast Episode 79 Jane Myers Equiculture

In this episode I speak with Jane Myers from Equiculture. Jane and her husband Stuart created the Equicentral system of managing horse properties in a sustainable way out of Stuarts constant questing of why things are done a certain way. Why do we have to take the hay out to the horse, why can’t they come in for it? In the coming years they have refined and are continually adding new information to this amazing system. We talk about so many of my favourite topics, soil, regenerative farming methods, manure and dung beetles, mulch and how you too can make a huge difference to your horse property.

I’ve been an organic gardener for over 10 years now so I was a kid in a candy store in this conversation but the best part for me was that in the course of this conversation Jane converted my entire mindset from horses are bad for the land and environment to horses are great for the environment, bad management makes them look bad but they are not.

I hope you get some great insights and tips from this interview as I did.

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