Podcast Episode 99 Mark Langley from Equine Ability

In this episode I spoke with Mark Langley from Equine Ability. Mark is a man who grew up with horses and like so many from this podcast, started to question the training methods he had learned while travelling overseas. He saw a lot of push button horses that were shut down and he got curious as the driving pressure seemed to be shutting them down. And as happens so many times when you begin to question things, he was led to books written by Mark Rashid who gave him permission to take a different direction. He changed his main training method to “How can I help?” he realised that like Tom Dorrance said, a horse follows a feel not getting chased by it and his new way of training was born.

It’s really interesting to hear that Mark began to see more shut down horses than ever when he started hosting clinics. We had a great conversation about shut down horses and he gives a lot of tips and examples and a lot of things to think about. And he made a great point, it’s us that shuts down horses, not pressure.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Mark is humble, refreshing and full of information that he is happy to impart to us all.

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