Podcast Episode 85 Martin Contreras Horsemanship

In this episode I speak with Martin Contreras, Martin trains in liberty and works with horse owners to build a strong foundation for working with horses and really honing your intuitive skills to build the foundations and levels of communication needed to strengthen the bond with your horse. Martin is a great trainer in his own right and also keeps up his own training, he is currently working under Steph Vincent to develop his in-hand work.

I was lucky enough to attend one of Martin’s clinics in Brisbane about 5 years ago with my mare Gypsy. He works in such a gentle and intuitive way with horses and it is a true partnership and 2-way communication.

In this conversation we talk about many things, one of them being what the word liberty really means and I’m so glad we did as it is something that I feel has been a little misused in the horse world. To be at liberty a horse is not just free of tack. I will read you the dictionary definition of liberty so you have something to ponder while listening to Martin’s story. It means the quality or state of being free. The power to do as one pleases. Freedom from physical restraint. Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control, despot means a ruler with absolute power and authority. The positive enjoyment of various privileges. The power of choice.

So while you ponder that, sit back and enjoy this conversation.To connect with Martin please click on the links below



For clinics, in-person or online Lessons, contact Martin via social media or at horsetrainingatliberty@gmail.com.