Podcast Episode 77 Mary Richards The Enriched Equine

In this episode I speak with Mary Richards from Enriched Equine. As her business name states, Mary helps horse owners enrich their horses lives through so many varied and interesting techniques. We talk about what enrichment is and how it relates to horses in stalls or stables and also for those on acreage.

I must say it was very enriching to have this conversation about enrichment, it really got my mind engaged and thinking about new things. So even just by having this conversation I can feel in myself the positive aspects that it will be able to bring to my horses lives.

The wonderful thing about enrichment Mary says, is that it is only limited by your imagination. So sit back and enjoy, and hopefully be engaged and enriched by the wonderful Mary Richards.

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Website https://www.enrichedequine.com/

Facebook @theenrichedequine