Giving to something greater – helping horses, humans and you.

Eden River Equestrian was created with a heartfelt and very powerful mission in mind.


To create properties where people from all around the world can come and work with horses.


To learn from the best in one place on all facets of horses – feeding, keeping, training.


To discover more about our beautiful land, be aware and environmentally conscious on all fronts, and of course, to provide a place of healing, connection and growth.

The Eden River Equestrian Social Enterprise is based in Australia, but with a global mission, ensures that 50% of all profits go toward making the world a better place for horses. This will allow us to create properties to teach, in person, the conscious horsemanship methods that we promote on this site. We aim to bring conscious horsemanship to the world.

Bringing a dream to life.

This idea has been brewing in the back of mind since I worked in Equine Assisted Therapy as a counsellor. Watching horses give healing to humans’ session after session, these amazing creatures give selflessly and it’s just a beautiful thing to watch.

Over the years I’ve met a few horse trainers who “taught” me how to train my horse. I disagreed wholeheartedly with their approach. Especially after knowing what I did about horses from therapy. In short, pressure and release training never made sense to me.

Since then I’ve always looked for trainers and horse people who listen to the horse. Who don’t lead or dominate but have a two-way communication with them. It’s extraordinary the people I have found.

This is my mission. To create properties where ethical horsemanship comes first. And to bring conscious horsemanship to the world. I like to dream big. And with the support of the wonderful horse community around the world, we will replicate this property and its mission around the world.

To help on this mission visit our shop for gentle, natural and ethical horse products.

Facebook Group.

Do you feel like you are alone when speaking about horse training with traditional horse people? Find it hard to speak up about giving your horse a voice? As a horse owner and an empath, I understand how you feel.

Would you also like to keep up to date with eco and sustainability tips as a horse owner?

That’s why I created Eden River Equestrian’s Facebook Group. A safe place to build community with like-minded people. All supporting each other to be conscious horse people.

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