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In this episode I spoke with Mosie Trewhitt from Liberty Horsemanship. Mosie is someone who gives me great hope for the future of horses on the planet. She is young and had the courage to understand there was a different way of being with horses from a teenager, and as a natural part of the social media generation, has a large following on Instagram, and is showing the world of horse people, young and old, what is possible through choice and positive reinforcement.

She is still young and knows that even though she is working in a new way, that there is even further for her to go. She is at a stage of really listening to her horses and seeing what they have to say on where they can go together. I will be keeping a close eye on Mosie’s work as she develops it over the coming years, she is a real leader for her generation and I love that she was willing to share her story with a fellow podcaster. Mosie could easily have seen me as competition, but she instead saw me as a fellow traveller working with the same dream, to make the world a better place for horses, and she was happy to be interviewed and share her story.

Mosie began her life with horses with her quarter horse mare Annie, who was a gift from her grandparents one Christmas. There was a childhood of many adventures, most at full speed!

Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship, Horse Podcast, Equine Podcast, Equestrian Podcast,

Mosie and Annie

It was when Mosie did equestrian sports at school that she felt Annie was not happy and decided to be brave and make the changes needed. Mosie took Annie home and went on a journey of discovery on how to do true liberty horsemanship with her horse having choice and a say in her training.

Their training together took them to new heights in terms of what relationship is and how far you can go.

Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship, Horse Podcast, Equine Podcast, Equestrian Podcast,

Mosie and Annie

Mosie is not done yet. She is finding that the more she opens up to her horses and listens, the more they help her grow. There is more to come from this incredible woman and her herd and I for one, will be keeping an eye on what it is that her horses help her to discover next..

To connect with Mosie you can go to her website or instagram page. you can also have a listen to her podcast, which I highly recommend, called In the Spirit of Horse. You can find this on her website or on iTunes or any podcast ap.

To listen to our interview go to the episode page and press play.

This is from Mosie’s Website and youTube Channel. It’s a beautiful display of her relationship with Annie.