Podcast Episode 55 Paul McGreevy Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare

In this episode I speak with Paul McGreevy Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science. If you’ve ever had a difficult conversation with traditional horse people and you’ve wondered how your training methods and beliefs can be backed up by science, then listeners, this is the podcast for you!

Paul has spent 23 years scientifically researching horse behaviour and welfare in both the UK and Australia. He has published 250 peer reviewed papers as well as books on equine and dog behaviour and he is the co-founder and honorary fellow of the International Society for Equitation Science.

He also talks in this interview of his 8 weeks trek on horseback from Victoria to Canberra. So he is not a desk bound scientist, he is a real horseman who has a passion for equitation science and debunking myths that are out there around some methods of training.

I believe it’s important for us as conscious horse people to keep up to date with this kind of science so we can have real conversations with people who think we are all a bit woo woo in our methods. Paul tell me where and how we can access this information and also how we can be a part of the new study they are doing where they are collecting data from all over the world that will help revolutionise horse training the world over.

To connect with Paul you can follow the link belowWebsite http://sydney.edu.au/vetscience/about/staff/pmcgreevy.shtml
Here are links to some of the research papers we spoke about in the interview
Food reward and pressure and releasehttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/233588289_The_use_of_blended_positive_and_negative_reinforcement_in_shaping_the_halt_response_of_horses_Equus_caballus
Trigger Treater:https://www.triggertreater.com/
Cath Evans work with shape of head in dogshttps://www.researchgate.net/…/6436933_The_Distribution_of_Ganglion_Cells_in_the_…
Donkey v horse brainhttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/331083791_Preliminary_investigation_into_relationships_between_donkey_and_horse_skull_and_brain_morphology
Paul’s equine behaviour bookhttps://www.elsevier.com/books/equine-behavior/mcgreevy/978-0-7020-4337-6
ISES, conference links on position statementhttps://equitationscience.com/equitation/position-statement-on-the-use-misuse-of-leadership-and-dominance-concepts-in-horse-training
Here are some other research papers of Paul’s that you might like to read
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