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Would you like to:

  • Learn how to save money, time and energy and be able to do more of the things you love?
  • Learn how to create a better ‘lifestyle’ for your horse/s and allow them to carry out more of their natural behaviours?
  • Learn how to manage your horse/s weight better?
  • Learn how to solve any other land management problems you may be having?

Does this sound like your situation?

  • Your expenses are going up every year and you are having to work harder to pay for your horse/s upkeep.
  • You are sick of spending more time doing ‘horse chores’ than spending ‘quality time‘ with your horse/s.
  • You are concerned about your horse/s behaviour and you know that they are not ‘living their best life‘.
  • You want to manage your horse/s in a way that is Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical but you do not know how.
  • You are confused by what is termed ‘safe‘ grass and what is termed ‘dangerous‘ grass.
  • You would love to grow healthy, ‘happy’ pasture but do not know how.
  • You are anxious about your horse/s weight.
  • You want your horse/s to graze more naturally but you are apprehensive about what might happen if they do.
  • You are worried because each year there are more weeds, more bare soil and less grass.
  • You are really not happy with how the land looks.
  • You want more biodiversity but you are not sure how to achieve it.
  • You are totally fed up with having lots of mud when it’s wet…
  • … and dust when it’s dry…

    …but you can turn all of this around…

    You CAN have a better lifestyle for yourself. Have more money, time and energy.

    You CAN also provide a better ‘lifestyle’ for your horse/s. One where they are allowed to carry out more of their natural behaviours.

    You CAN allow your horse/s to have a healthier, more natural diet. Along with the better ‘lifestyle’ this will result in much calmer horses.

    You CAN become a great horse/land manager, just by learning some essential basics. In fact, you and your horse/s can make a real difference to the planet, we can show you how…

    Why not join this exciting and positive movement in the horse world:






    You may have spent hours watching free videos and trying to improve the situation…

    …but it is safe to say there is a lot of bad advice out there…

    But, at last, here’s a blueprint for your success.

    A stepwise guide by Equiculture, with contributions from horse experts from all around the world, to rapidly improve how you manage your horse/s and the land that they live on.

    Start getting the results you and your horses deserve for all your effort and expense!

    Here are the exact tools you need to move from frustrated to happy

    What WILL happen if you buy this course?

    These are just some of the marvellous things that you will experience:

    • You WILL be able to identify how you can improve your current management system.
    • You WILL have a stepwise guide and a clear plan to follow.
    • You WILL feel supported by a great network of like minded people as you travel on this new journey.
    • You WILL have more time to do the things you love.
    • Your horse/s WILL become calmer, healthier and happier.
    • You WILL develop a better ‘bond’ with your horse/s.
    • You WILL become an ‘Equicentric Grass Farmer‘ along with thousands of others around the world.
    • You WILL feel positive and happier because you will know that you are helping the environment at the same time as creating a better place for your horse/s to live.

    This is an affiliate program where the link will take you to the Equiculture Course delivered by Jane and Stuart Myers online.

3 reviews for Equiculture Course

  1. admin

    Judith Leeson – SA – Australia – ”So happy to be a part of Equiculture Central, as a former horse owner and current enthusiast for evidence-based horse care and welfare. Member of the Management Committee of Horse SA, with a deep interest in horse-centred practice, applying contemporary research to horse – human transactions, interventions, provisions and education, and the effects of the Social Licence to Operate. I read every post and am delighted with how members share their experiences and expertise with each other across continents in the most respectful and inclusive way.

    Jane and Stuart have inspired and guided us all to a deeper understanding of how we can own and keep horses sustainably and with their best interests at the forefront of our thinking.

    In everything we do and say we are their advocates and can give them a voice, which can be more powerful than social media chatter and virtue signalling.

    I believe that Equiculture Central can be a beacon of hope for the continuation of horse keeping in urban, rural and regional areas, where there are enormous negative pressures from land developers, and economic rationalists.

    Thank you Jane and Stuart for the privilege of membership, and members for inspiring me with confidence and hope.”

  2. admin

    Fra Atyeo – Victoria – Australia – ”Dear Jane and Stuart, your passion for horse welfare and landcare is helping thousands of horse owners and riders across the globe. I’ve got many of your books on riding, some must be near 20 years old now!

    I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of a seminar in Victoria about eight years ago where you attended my property to discuss The Equicentral System with the local equine landcare group, and now I am enjoying learning how to ride again with The Horse Rider’s Mechanic course!

    Thank you for all your efforts in research and for sharing the information in an easy-to-understand format. I LOVE your work!!!

    I highly recommend to any horse owner or rider to invest in learning more about The Equicentral System or Horse Rider’s Mechanic.”

  3. admin

    Mandy Kelly – Durham – UK – ”I’ve signed up for the new (membership) group and I am looking forward to the new learning approach. I work fulltime and spend every second I have with my herd so find it difficult to concentrate and dedicate time to reading through the information you can find online. Starting the course put everything in 1 place which was great, now having the new group will not only have everything together but will give me specific learning sessions so I can plan and follow through with specific tasks. I joined Equicentral as I wanted my land and herd to work with nature. I wanted to encourage correct grasses to grow, wildflower meadows, wooded areas and most of all encourage the wildlife to come back to our bare grazing land. I am 6 months in and have 2 paddocks looking lovely and full of wildlife already this spring :)”

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