The Natural Horse Spray – Gypsy

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The Natural Horse Spray – Gypsy (5L) – With a blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and the highest grade essential oils this spray may assist in repelling insects from your horse.

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The Natural Horse Spray – Gypsy (5L) – With a blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and the highest grade essential oils this spray may assist in repelling insects from your horse. With the addition of antifungal essential oils, coconut oil and aloe vera it may also support the healing of Qld itch and other fungal conditions on your horse.


May assist with:

  • supporting the healing of Qld itch
  • repelling all biting insects
  • growing back rubbed manes and tails
  • healing superficial wounds
  • healing rain scald


How to use:

  • Do a test on your horse first. Patch test and wait 24 hours before doing a full application
  • Hold 20-30cm from your horse and spray a light mist over body, legs, mane and tail
  • To be more economical you can spray onto a mit and wipe onto your horse
  • To apply to face spray onto a mit or your hand and wipe on avoiding the eyes
  • If you accidentally get it in their eyes it will sting but should not do harm, flush with water if you are concerned
  • In biting season use twice a day both morning and evening when insects are most active


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2 reviews for The Natural Horse Spray – Gypsy

  1. Donna Cousins – Veteran Qld

    My QH mare ‘Holly’ developed Qld Itch 4 years ago. Products I tried only minimised the itch with no real ongoing results or she developed a sensitivity to these products. Her scratching at every tree and fencepost, destroying rugs, and ruining her beautiful mane, tail, and coat, led me to Tracy Malone’s Qld Itch Trial using all-natural products The Natural Horse Spray, Gypsy Blend and The Natural Horse Cream.

    Wow! What truly amazing and safe products. When used as a combination the cream works its magic to heal itch lesions while the spray deters those nuisances called midgies. End result, fast and effective with a noticeable difference within 5 days of use. No more scratching, no more rugging, no sensitivity, hair growing back, and a much-relieved owner of a now happy horse.

    Thankyou Tracy Malone for delivering an all-natural winning product in The Natural Horse Spray that ticks every box in finding a solution to managing Qld Itch. This product is gold.
    Donna Cousins, Veteran Qld

  2. Katie, Pamona

    More proof that the insect spray really does work: before starting on your products, Musto would periodically become covered in hives and welts, presumably from an allergic reaction to some sort of insect (this is in addition to the Qld itch!). As a vet, I usually dose him up on anti-inflammatories for a few days to ease the discomfort. I have previously considered antihistamines, but he would likely need to have them every day for the rest of his life; and since starting on your products, he hadn’t experienced any more reactions. Last week a friend was looking after my horses and ran out of the spray for only two days before I could drop off a new bottle. Musto came out in welts as soon as the spray ran out! Nothing else had changed in his environment.

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