The Equicentral System Series Book 1



In  The Equicentral System Book 1 – Horse Ownership: Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical you will learn about:

How traditional horse keeping practices developed Issues for modern horse owners – Horse health and welfare concerns – The human factors – Horse over population issues – Land degradation issues – The way forward – Sustainable horse keeping.

Horse behaviour, welfare and lifestyleNaturally-living v domestic-living horses – The herd behaviour of horses – The grazing behaviour of horses – The pastured behaviour of domestic horses – Recognising stress in domestic horses – Enrichment for domestic horses.

Pasture/grazing management (a simplified version of the more in-depth information in book 2) Pasture plants and grazing animals – Grazing systems – Basic pasture maintenance – Putting it all together.

The Equicentral SystemHow The Equicentral System works – The Equicentral System benefits – Implementing The Equicentral System – Management solutions.


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