The Equicentral System Series Book 2



In The Equicentral System Book 2 – Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses – you will learn about:

Horses and pastureThe benefits of pasture – The importance of biodiversity – Pasture plants in their natural environment – Misinformation about horses and pasture – What horses actually need – The importance of healthy pasture plants – Nutritional problems with pasture – Creating suitable pasture – What to aim for – Horses and land degradation – Soil, pasture and grazing management.

Horses and waterYour water is part of the natural system – Water problems – Sources of water – Storage of water – Using water – Planning for clean water.

Horses and vegetationSome of the benefits of trees and bushes – Trees and bushes as habitat for wildlife – Fodder trees and bushes – Windbreaks and firebreaks – Revegetation of steeper land – Easy areas to increase vegetation – Buying and planting – Protecting vegetation from horses – Poisonous trees and plants.

Appendix: The Equicentral System How The Equicentral System works – The Equicentral System benefits – Implementing The Equicentral System – Management solutions.


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