Podcast Episode 103 Robin Hood on the Tellington TTouch Method

In this episode I spoke with Robin Hood. Robin is the sister of Linda Tellington-Jones, the creator of the Tellington TTouch method of bodywork.

Robin and I talked about the Tellington TTouch Method and how it came about in the first place. It is amazing to hear how someone was able to experience something for themselves and then go on to create their very own form of bodywork to help horses.

Robin is an amazing woman and horse person in her very own right. We spoke about so many topics in the horse world including how we as women need to advocate for our horses and be in our power.

We also talked about how to choose a trainer of any kind. About their words matching their actions. Robin suggested we look at what do they do when what they are doing doesn’t work.

We even talked about why having water available for your horse during any training or body work session is really important for both you and your horse.

This is a rich conversation that I enjoyed immensely.

I have put a couple of links in the show notes but there are so many different pages and groups on facebook that I suggest if you want to follow the Tellington TTouch Method that you put Tellington TTouch into the search bar of Facebook and find the one that is in your country. As Robin says, there are a lot. So head on over there after you’ve listened to find out more about what is happing in your area.

You can also gather more information on Tellington TTouch here