Do you work with horses in your everyday life?

Are you tired of the flies that annoy both you and the horses you work with?

Do you have a clients horse who suffers from Qld Itch and have tried everything to no avail?

Would you like to be able to help the horses as well as make extra income?


I can help you with all of these!


The Natural Horse Spray™ is a spray for horses that is a safe and effective way to keep biting bugs off horses and people so you can safely spray yourself as well as the horses.

Avoiding all the chemicals found in a lot of commercial insect sprays you are keeping your animals and the environment safe. 

Every day more consumers are becoming aware of the dangers of chemicals on the horses, and thus their own, skin. They are also becoming more environmentally aware and in search of products that work and are safe and natural.

This product ticks all of the boxes for the conscious consumer.

I recently started using The Natural Horse Spray at my riding school. It has worked beautifully on both my horses and my students. My lessons are now much more pleasant not having to constantly swat away flies. It’s also working to keep the mozzies away from me as I seem to be a real mozzie magnet. It’s a great product and so nice to use something that has no nasty chemicals that actually works.

Vanessa Moore, Samford

The Natural Horse Spray™ Kiowa Blend



With a blend of vinegar, a natural emulsifier and the highest grade essential oils this spray is a wonderful alternative to chemical products. You will find no neurotoxins here! The Kiowa blend may assist with repelling biting insects including all flies, mozzies, midges.

Growing back rubbed manes and tails. Preventing seasonal itch. Support the healing of superficial wounds.

The Natural Horse Spray™ Gypsy Blend


With a blend of apple cider vinegar and the highest grade essential oils this spray may assist with repelling biting insects and the addition of anti-fungal essential oils, coconut oil and aloe vera it may also support the healing of Qld itch and other fungal conditions for your horse. .

Musto’s poor little tail is really starting to grow out and his coat looks fantastic. In my partner’s words,

His coat has never looked this good in the entire time you’ve had him!

Before starting on your products, Musto would periodically become covered in hives and welts, presumably from an allergic reaction to some sort of insect (this is in addition to his Qld itch!). As a vet, I usually dose him up on anti-inflammatories for a few days to ease the discomfort but since starting on your products, he hadn’t experienced any more reactions. Last week a friend was looking after my horses and ran out of the spray for only two days before I could drop off a new bottle. Musto came out in welts as soon as the spray ran out! Nothing else had changed in his environment.

It’s also interesting to note that there are quite a few ticks at my new place. I have pulled about 20 off my other horse over the past month or so, predominantly paralysis ticks, but am yet to find a single tick on Musto.

Katie Goodwin, Pamona

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